World of Conquerors v0.3.8.1 APK

World of Conquerors APK

World of Conquerors APK mod

New in this epic version of the best strategy MMO available on Android:

● Rebuilt battle system rewards strategy and balance
● Multiple strategies now required
● Brute force will not ensure success
● Level up your troops, too! Leveled troops can now compete with even late-game troops
● Enhanced clan cooperation and events
● Available in 10 languages. Conquer the world!

World of Conquerors is a finely-tuned strategy MMO experience for Android. Get your hands on the most intense multiplayer combat game for free! Winning strategic battles helps all-powerful Heroes level up from leading small parties in battle to commanding huge armies. Send Dragons, Monsters, and Knights into battle in your name! Join forces with friends to defeat rival alliances!

World of Conquerors brings the depth of a AAA PC title to mobile devices everywhere. 5 diverse gameplay elements converge to create an easy to pick up, tough to master living world, populated by rival and friendly emperors alike.

Rebuilt around our drastically evolved combat system, new mechanics reward multiple strategies, not just brute strength. Balanced kingdoms are a must to defend a plethora of available attack tactics, and now your favorite troop types can prove very valuable, even late in the game, with the new troop leveling system. Hardened battle vets will lead hot-shot rookies into the fray, with the power of their Heroes giving them strength.

With thousands of heroes to choose from and countless possible troop combinations, the game provides players with the power to create a unique kingdom, with strengths to match their own play style as they climb the global leaderboards.

Vardonia, a kingdom rich in history, with vast, prosperous lands, finds itself in turmoil after the sudden death of the emperor. A small but dedicated pack of followers have fled the now burning capital, to a remote area at the furthest edge of the kingdom. Their hopes rest with you, the rightful heir to the throne, to bring greatness once again to these hallowed lands. You alone can bring prosperity to your people, and write your own legacy as the next great leader of Vardonia.

Expand your dominions wisely, Train troops, and stock resources for war against other empires

Recruit powerful leaders for your legion, with an RPG leveling system to fit your play style

Get help from clan members, climb the ranks together, gain perks from combined strength, and chat in-game

Conquer monsters to expand your kingdom, or go head to head in strategic battles online

Explore monster dungeons full of items for your heroes. Mage’s robe, Excalibur, Paladin’s Helm, Earthshaker, Spartan Sword…medieval or fantasy items, you name it.

★ World of Conquerors is optimized for Android phones and tablets.


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