Terrorist Sniper Shooter Free APK for Android

Terrorist Sniper Shooter Free APK

Terrorist Sniper Shooter Free APK mod

Terrorist Sniper Shooter Free

Our world has been under attack by terrorists. The super powers have launched a dangerous assault mission to blast away the gang of enemy with anti-terrorist war guns, steamy explosives, under cover agents, marines, sharp shooters and specialized military snipers. Aim of Terrorist Sniper Shooter mission is to kill each and every terrorist from this planet. Its the Best FPS sniper shooter game!

Story Line
This is the first commando mission of Terrorist Sniper Shooter. We have to destroy the swamp basecamp of Terrorists group having guns and ammunition storage at the base. Be prepared for the blend of battle terrain, dust storm and nearby frontier Wildfire Mountain. Our Agencies, usmc forces and Undercover Agents have found out that this base is the heart of terrorists, so we need to cut them off from their base camp that lies near a mountain. Make sure the marine shooters target for headshots. Pull the trigger; widen the scope of your hunt, aiming for the headshot to kill them without any firing squad. Collect as many clues as you can so that you can attack the next base. Cross firing may hurt your sniper shooter, so stay focused. Reload your rifle every now and then since the gunshots are limited. Battle is between the good n bad / evil forces. In Terrorist Sniper Shooter, you have got the best commando anti-terrorist war guns, latest helicopters and trained troops with unmatchable skills to destroy the terrorist and their camps. Enjoy attractive UI and amazing sniper simulator animations in Terrorist Sniper Shooter. Once all the enemies are dead in this battlefield, the military assault is over.

Gun Selection:
You are now weaponized with best Russian and American shooting assault guns & armor. You will be given an opportunity to choose from 2 high-tech professional guns having different specifications. Call the death of your warrior in a smarter way that he couldn’t even hear the gun sound, not even the death sound. 
• Kruger
• Dragunov

Power ups:
• Health: Tough Call! Wear your special “Bullet Proof Jacket” to save yourself from dangerous attack of the brutal terrorists in this combat.
• No Reload: Your brutal enemies are too fast to kill you. Stop wasting your precious time on reloading Russian Guns”

Game Mode:
• Easy: Training Time! Practice your precise and accurate targeted shoots
• Medium: You are trained now. Work hard and practice more to be highly trained. 
• Difficult: Your enemy are ready to attack you with the exotic destructive weapons. Be a sniper shooter pro. Accept the challenges & fight by entering in to the difficult mode.

More Coins:
• Dead down your enemies to earn coins
• Daily bonus: Play daily to earn coins as a daily reward
• Clear the missions/levels: You will be getting coins on clearing/completing the mission

Training Mission
 Before you proceed to real sniper terrorist shooter mission. You can try aiming your target and firing on the right place. Do not get afraid of the loud boom of gun shots.

Top Game Features

√ Perfect game control
√ Critical mission terror
√ Stunning 3D graphics
√ Easy & User Friendly Interface

How to Play

√ Touch and Move to aim your deadly enemy in Terrorist Sniper Shooter Free
√ Use your anti-terrorist guns to fire your first gunshot
√ After your first person shooting, your enemy will start firing too
√ Shoot him with fire button
√ Aim the laser dot for a head shot accuracy before your enemy run away
√ Be careful about the close encounters

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