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Seeder 2.0.0 Apk  – Android Lag reduction for ROOT USERS ONLY!
Many Android tasks run slower than they should for one simple, yet not-so-obvious reason: they consume large amounts of random data from a limited source. Random data is used to generate session keys and unique identifiers, in SSL and wifi, while starting processes, and during inter-process communication.

This data (entropy) runs out frequently, and that causes processes reading from the blocking device (if any) to temporarily stop responding (lag). These processes cannot continue until the Linux kernel repopulates the entropy pool, which takes time. In addition, input events are pulled from the user interface (to refill the pool), which may also contribute to the problem.

Seeder is a service for root users. It assists the kernel in “topping off” the entropy pool by re-seeding it with data from the non-blocking (high performance) random device. Optionally, it can also help alleviate MMC I/O contention by extending the I/O queue, allowing the I/O scheduler to make better decisions, and combine more writes.

On some devices, applications load significantly faster (particularly large ones like Facebook, Chrome, and Youtube), and task switching becomes effortless. Fewer visual “hiccups” occur.

You MUST be running a rooted device to use this application! If you don’t know what this means, Seeder will probably not work on your device!

This app does not increase raw performance, but rather eliminates some types of annoying lag (ie. applications briefly freezing, jerky scrolling, delays returning to the home screen, etc). The effect seems to be more noticeable the longer the device has been running prior to activating the RNG service.


  • Clean
  • Fully Activated
  • Bug Fixed

How to Download:

  • Must use your Android Phone to download.
  • Click the download link below.
  • Install 1 app to download Seeder 2.0.0 Apk Full Version. Below is the example.
  • Finish.

This version introduces performance tuning, power management control, and an optional MMC I/O queue extension/timing change.

For those of you who have seen reboots / black screens that seem to be caused by Seeder, I suspect it may be due to the power management implemented in previous versions. Disabling power management (by unchecking “Suspend RNG service while screen off”) may help. In my testing, battery impact was negligible (less than 2% per 24h).

The performance profiles are Light, Moderate, and Aggressive, and they control how frequently rngd wakes. The default configuration (Light) is unchanged from previous versions. Moderate and Aggressive may impact battery life (slightly), but may also help on devices where the entropy pool is drained quickly and often.

Last but not least, the “Extend I/O queue” option increases the nr_requests on MMC devices to 1024, and increases the dirty page expiry time, allowing more outstanding writes to accumulate. This may allow the I/O scheduler to make better decisions and combine more writes; some users have reported an improvement under heavy I/O.

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