Pokemon Go – How to Use Fly Gps without Getting a Permanent Ban

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Pokemon Go is really banning everyone that is caught cheating and these includes users that uses bots, Gps spoofing & modded Pokemon go app. Well, some people are lazy to follow the rules & decided to use these tools to make the game easier to play.

Pokemon Go app itself detects if you are cheating if you enable Mock location option in the developer settings so we will make it undetected by using the HIDE MOCK LOCATION APP.


We will be discuss the Fly GPS spoof method because this works well. The “BOTTING” method is too risky so it is not yet advisable.

The following must be installed:

  • Original Pokemon Go App – Do not use modded version.
  • Fly GPS or Pokemon Go Joystick
  • Xposed Installer/Module
  • Hide Mock Location App


NOTE: The HIDE MOCK LOCATION App is very important.


Things you must always do to avoid the Ban and stay undetected.

  1. When using fly gps, always make sure you have the Hide Mock Location app installed & configured.
  2. Use the teleport feature  – if you have fewer Pokemon stops in your area and getting a hard time catching Pokemons.
  3. Close the Pokemon Go app first & wait for 30minutes or an hour before teleporting to far locations.
  4. Avoid soft bans because it can trigger a permanent ban. Soft bans can trigger if you don’t follow “STEP 3”.
  5. Do not teleport outside the country! Although you can do this perfectly, your IP is logged & can be traced. It is an easy ban because your using the same IP in your country & outside.
  6. Avoid bragging with friends and other users because they might report you.

Note: If you use this method carefully, do not worry about the ban. You can catch & level up fast without teleporting to other countries. Just find a good location in your country with many Pokestops and active luring spots.


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