Pokemon Go – GPS Spoofer Banning & Tips to avoid the BAN

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Pokemon Go News – Hello everybody, today I just wanted to talk to you all briefly about pokemon go and Niantic’s permanent ban. Guys Niantic released a statement earlier this week saying that they are implementing a new game mechanic into the game that is built and designed to hunt down and catch GPS spoofers and cheaters of the game especially botting and permanently banned their accounts. It seems like Niantic has already implemented this new game mechanism because thousands of users over the past 48 hours have been reporting permanent bans on their account.

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Reddit users are now reporting that their accounts are permanently banned due to GPS spoofing and as I said this is a new game mechanic that is built into the game so it’s not a actual person sitting behind a desk banning your account. It is a game mechanic that uses very advanced algorithms to determine whether or not you are cheating or GPS spoofing and auto issues the BAN hammer to your account if you are caught doing so and can no longer access their servers through your account.
Pokemon go has also released a statement that anybody who had their account banned and believes that they were not cheating and that they are innocent they can now go to their website and submit an appeal to receive their account back.


If you feel like you were not cheating or using any type of third-party application, you can now submit an appeal to get your account back after they review your account and assess it.

This is a warning to all GPS spoofers out there, anybody that is currently using bluestacks or any other means of third-party application to alter the game.


GPS Spoofer TIPS:

  • Always use Hide Mock Location Apk App
  • Do not use or install modified Pokemon Go app
  • Find a good location and stay.
  • Do not warp to long locations. Example – Original location -> USA -> London.

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