Pokemon Go Bots – Why using this tool can be detected easily

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Pokemon Go Bots – Credit to cl3537 from ownedcore. Below explains why you should use a different account if you tend to use BOTS and GPS spoofing got a lesser chance of getting a permanent ban.



This is all speculation but it seems reasonable given the anecdotal evidence.

I make the following educated guesses:

1. You are flagged the minute you use RocketAPI with incorrect hash. Getting all of the unknowns solved and a perfect hash is a daunting almost impossible task.
No botmaker has improved enough on RocketAPI(most just use it as is) so you are flagged the first time you log into the Niantic API outside of the client.

2. It is unknown when Niantic decides to Perm Ban flagged accounts, it is delayed, seemingly random, and they do seem to do it in waves with pauses and then a wave of bans over several days. It does not currently coincide with client updates or server side API updates.

3. Niantic introduces security measures client side, but does not implement them(turn them on server side) right away. (CAPTCHA, NEW UK6, DEPRECATING ALL OLD CLIENTS)

4) All this safe botting stuff , humanize settings etc etc etc is likely placebo. However fast you level up, whether you get 100% IV or snipe or teleport is irrelevant you will get banned anyway just for being detected on first login.

5. Soft Bans seem unrelated to Perm Bans (This is a big one). They do not increase the speed or likelihood of a Perm ban. Even if you get softbanned every day for hitting the Pokemon Catch or PokeStop Limit you do not get Perm Banned until they do another Perm Ban Wave. See #1 you were flagged once again the first second you logged in so doing it slowly and safely is just giving false hope.

Please feel free to refute my theory, I would imagine this would not be too popluar with the bot devs as it invalidates most of these “NEW HUMANLIKE SLOWDOWN” features but nonetheless it fits all of the reports of bans that I know of and the current pause on perm bans that has been going on over the last week or so.

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