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Pocketown Legendary MOD APK VIP 15 3

Pocketown Legendary MOD APK – VIP 15 (New)

Pocketown Legendary MOD APK Download

Pocketown Legendary MOD APK VIP 15

Pocket Town Pokemon game is like upgraded version of Pocket monster which were arrived few month ago.but this game has new Pokemons from pokemon sun and moon season.it means you will see old generations and new generations fighting each other. Your Pokemon will be following you in town and there you can check out real time players their profiles and their Pokemons. you can also chat with other players and join them in Pokemon adventure.

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Storyline is not mandatory when you have great looking game.Here in Pocketown MOD APK you will find no story or deep quest line. all quests seems they are teaching something new because there are so many features which can easily eat hours and hours from your life. Task are given which can be easily tracked by tapping on it so your player will automatically go in that place to complete it.

Pocketown MOD APK Android Download VIP 1 Hit Kill 1.3.0

Its an Online Open World Pokemon Game and here its called pocketown. you will be capturing your favorite Pokemon from the Poke Universe and fight with real time players around the world or completing different quests to earn rewards as Coins,Gems or game items like Poke Ball.Its some sort of MMORPG game because of its open world features and quest system. as it names Pocketown is based on pocket Town where you will be roaming on the street with your pokemon and you will encounter real time players as well.

Graphics of Pocketown MOD APK is not that great but its more than good which is enough for the content based game. Roaming on the Town Streets looks amazing and Pokemon animations are top notch. you will be hooked easily in the game. Gameplay wise there is not much to do. in battles there is a turn based combat system where you can use different magic or physical attacks to defeat your opponent. Amazing vivid and colorful graphics with real open world Pokemon capture system will surely win your heart.

What’s In The Pocketown Legendary MOD
2. High Damage

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.3.0



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