Phone Warrior Apk

Phone Warrior Apk

Phone Warrior Apk is a community of this app’s users that provides the name & mobile number location information for an unknown caller with its Caller ID feature. Phone Warrior blocks unwanted Calls, SMS & Texts and searches its 500m+ phone number directory to identify who’s calling you. Not only does it block phone numbers you specify, but also blocks frequent spammers in your region automatically by learning from spammers and spam reported by other Warriors in your region. Examples include debt collectors, telemarketers and nuisance creators.

phone warrior apk

Caller ID, Block Calls & Texts

PW is the only comprehensive Caller ID and Spam filtering app for your Android phone. Collaborate with the community. Be a Warrior – install the app and report the spammers.

Phone Warrior Apk Features:
– Free Caller ID and Caller Info details
– Block Calls, Text messages and SMS with a single app
– Pre-trained to Block Calls, Texts, SMS from frequent spammers
– Automatically block calls from private or hidden number
– Maintain and manage blacklists in the most convenient way
– Password protect blocked calls and texts
– Automatic updates of spam rules

Users in all countries including USA, India, Indonesia, France, UK, Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia (and other Arabic countries), South Korea, South Africa, Egypt, Canada, etc. can now use Free Caller ID services along with automatic spam filtering in a single app. You will always know the true caller, even if they are not in your address book. Indian users can use this app offline without internet to get Caller Info and location.

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Phone Warrior automatically blocks on the handset so it can block calls and text messages for any carrier network like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile,Vodafone and Airtel.

For real time lookups 3G, 4G or Wifi connection is needed.

– Phone Warrior never reads users’ personal contacts unless the user explicitly opts for contact-sharing service
– Change call blocking setting to “Pick up & Hang” if you don’t want blocked users to go to voicemail
– Supports text (SMS) blocking on Android Kitkat (4.4)
– HTC Sense users, may not see Caller Id when screen is locked.

What’s New in Phone Warrior Apk
– Local Search Support and enhanced UI
– Trusted search results from friends network
– Rating and review features added to the local business search.
– Bug fixes & performance improvements.
– UI improvements
– Added Onboarding flow – App introduction flow to help user in understanding app features better.
– Added Call log history in user profile screen.
– Improved call log
– Added compose message for android 4.3 & below versions

Download Link: Phone Warrior Apk Version 5.0.8

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