Niantics for now will not Ban Spoofers

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Many people using Gps spoofers survived the Ban waves from Niantics but for those using bots its a different story. Bots are easily detected and they always be getting banned.


I read a post from gamefaq and I hardly agree with this. This is a post from “MaryJHappy”.

Credit to MaryJHappy: Post from Gamefaq

They will ban bots for sure but spoofing? nah. It will be just their gravestone if they ban spoofers permanently. Why do you think they even put softban and softban undone method? They know this game has short life for most people if spoofing isn’t allowed. Most people will get sick of this game and quit before they even hit level 20. Also, 90% of that level 20 people will quit playing this game before they hit level 30. With stupid amount of xp grinding and limited ball options, how many people do you think will play this game till level 40 legit way? no, never mind level 40, not even level 20. Most people either don’t live near poke stop farming area will run out of balls before they even reach level 10. Considering how many balls each pokemon waste these days before you catch one, people will know spending $5 for 100 ball isn’t the answer.There’s more.

Even if you find good spot to farm balls, how many people do you think actually have time to go there every day and farm balls 30 mins to an hour and play the game? only most dedicated players with infinite free time can manage that type of play style but they will quickly hit the wall once they become level 20+. It will take ridiculous amount of time to farm balls and go to local mall/park whatever to catch pokemon. haha.. good luck with that. Also, only most dedicated spoofers will be able to reach level 30+ and I am pretty sure most of them end up buying lucky eggs considering how much bs xp each level takes.

Bots are different story because it doesn’t actually require you to spend that much time on the game since bots will do it for you. So, niantic will most likely ban them as soon as they spot one. However, for gps spoofing? I don’t think so. They will lose big chunk of their profit if they ban gps spoofers who doesn’t use bots. Let’s say they ban gps spoofers. If that happens, they won’t get much profit from country side people because who would want to spend $5 just to catch like 10 or less pokemons? regular poke balls become near garbage as you level up because most good monsters will run away before you catch them with regular ball.

You will quickly burn 10 or even 20+ regular balls on good monster and then they will still run away. lol. good luck niantic. Only reason this game brought this much attention is this is first game that actually mixes reality and video game characters and it has pokemon name to it. People play this game because of that reason alone even though this game has tons of bugs and problems. If they ban gps spoofers, only casual legit players and few hardcore legit players will be left. Guess how many of them will spend money on this game, not that many. If it doesn’t make money, it’s good bye pokemon go. haha


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