Last Day on Earth: Survival – THE MOST IMPORTANT TIPS!

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Important tips that you have to know about the game!

  • So the tip is to not use your electronic circuits at the police department. Because as soon as you start using your electronic circuits at the police department drop rate of those badges starts decreasing I’ve tested that myself and what I can say for sure is that the first 10 waves are gonna drop you less brown cards if you are gonna use your electronic circuits.


  • Second very simple and important tip is to keep your base organized at all the time. Some of you might say well like this is a very simple dip and yes indeed balls it’s super simple but so many people just keep garbage in every single chest and I’ve got that myself and the truth to be told that every single day you’re just gonna waste like let’s say a minute or two searching for that required item and in a couple of weeks that time is just gonna accumulate but if you’re gonna keep all your items in special chests it will be super easy for me to go and find all the required resources and believe me that is gonna save you a lot of and a lot of time so just spend 10 to 20 minutes of your time right now today to organize your base and tomorrow and after tomorrow you’re gonna thank yourself I promise you that.


  • Tip number 3 is going to be about how you should be able to get your copper bars and steel bars. The most obvious way how to gets copper bars is going to be to go to northern zone and grind for that copper ore. A lot of people maybe do not know this but take your batteries, take your cameras, take your watches and also your wrenches. There’s a lot of other stuff that are gonna give you copper or steel but these ones are gonna be the most common ones. You can also maybe try like with your ATV wheels with these track saw blade maces right. Also these heat sensors are really awesome as well and now look what happens when we go to the recycler. So when you’re gonna place batteries you see that you have a chance here to get copper bars and I do know that you have to upgrade your electronics first to get that high of a chance of getting copper bars. But believe me that is gonna save you a lot of and a lot of weapons by not going to that northern zone and when you recycle ranches you have 6% chance of getting steel bars and for me this ranch think is only a level seven so for you if you’re gonna recycle enough French’s this number is only gonna grow.


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