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Kazı Kazan

Kazı Kazan v1.4.6 APK

Kazı Kazan apk

Kazı Kazan – Scratch is a unique picture alone, or word puzzle game you can not get enough of fun finding the words with your friends.

How to play Kazı Kazan:
Each question is located off over 12 letters and one image. You guessed right words associated with pictures of abstract, concrete, status, nouns, verbs and so on. Whether these 12 letters, you can predict the desired word as you want by official excavations.

Hint Button What it is:

Tip button is the button on the right side in the form of questions above. Words that very difficult to estimate will help remind you includes three main clue. Each has a hint of the point value and to activate these points should be on your balance. If you are no longer found on the estimates contained in the clue page image by pressing the jump button you can switch official.

What’s StarcoM:

Without spending the hint coins that you can use your points. Applications are given free of charge starting at 15 pieces.

StarcoM’s How to Win:

If you find touching in no scraping of the 12 letters in the correct guess wins you will have both 2 Floor Rate 1 StarcoM in.

Recommendation: Use Starcom really forced you for your question. Try to enjoy the fun, instead of angry. Collectively entertained between games so it’s only a few people with his play.


Guess how we’re writing the words:
From left to right are moved to the first empty location when you tap on each letter. In this way, you will have to guess the word by providing letters in the correct order.

I want to delete the word I wrote was not true how are deleted:
You can delete by tapping on the letter you wrote the letter that you want from the lineup.

Kazı Kazan

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