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Holy Knight EN APK

Holy Knight EN v1.0.0 Apk + MOD

Holy Knight EN APK cheat

Holy Knight EN – The most exciting Side-Scrolling ARPG of the year, Holy Knight, is now at your service!

Demon Dragon is awake.
Vampires arise and shed blood over the land.
To sow light where darkness exists,
To disperse monsters and reconquer our land,
It’s your fate and your chance now!
Start the adventure to become Holy Knight. Make your history with knights from all over the world!

Holy Knight EN Apk Key Features:

– Embark on adventure in stunning vibrant 3D magic world. With monsters of diverse design and vivid scenes, you’ll have a lot to see in adventure!

– REAL-TIME Global Battle and REAL Blow! Challenge other knights in Arena, kill BOSS with your friends. With hundreds of skill combos, the result all depends on your fingertip!

– Are you curious about the feeling of being a powerful BOSS? Experience it in BOSS Transform! You can transform into BOSS and crash anything in your way!

– Friends and Foes both cannot be ignored during your growth. Help friends in team dungeons, revenge to your foe, and rob others in escort!

– Cute and Helpful! Have your cute Pals to accompany you on your adventure.

– Exclusive Dragon Wings for brave dragon slayers. Kill the demon dragon and show your glory to all!

– Wanna have a rest? Autoplay system can ease your hand and help your growth!

Holy Knight EN v1.0.0 Apk + MOD Features:

  • Attack Multiplier X5
  • HP GOD MODE (Life)
  • Free Shopping ( Unlocked Purchase) (Bypass PRO Active System)
  • Free Updates

Holy Knight EN APK

Download Holy Knight EN v1.0.0 Apk + MOD (OLD)

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  1. It is kind of boring with the god mode. I cant get killed lol.

  2. Thanks man. Works ok in my tablet but my lags in my phone.

  3. Why i lvl up so quickly?

  4. @ boombi, because it is moded lol.

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