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Fortress Legends APK

Fortress Legends APK v2.1 + MOD

Fortress Legends APK modFortress Legends APK v2.1 + MOD

Fortify your fortress and repel intruders back from whence they came!
Then, attack their fortress in Hack & Slash fashion and smash it to smithereens!

▼Build your own original Fortress!
You’re the owner of a brand new magical fortress!
Customize it so that no intruder can leave it alive and be forever known as the strongest fortress master!

* Add rooms and arrange them in a maze-like fashion.
* Mine resources and build various devices within your fortress!
* Your key to success is by successfully utilizing the various combinations of defensive devices, traps and monsters!

▼Control your player as you attack other people’s fortresses
You’re not only a ruler of a mighty fortress, but you’re a smasher of one too!
Take what resources you lack from other enemies as you smash their defenses!

* Intense action awaits when you control your customized character in epic battles!
* Hack & Slash at your finger-tips with responsive virtual controls!
* Pair up with other players for a max of 4 player Co-op play!
* Utilize your equipment and skills and take on monsters and anything else that’s in your way.

▼Enhance your hero!
Level up your skills and equipment, and make the masters of other fortresses bend to your will!

* Use your own forge to create powerful new weapons!
* Choose what matches your style from Twin blades, Broadswords, Bows or Staffs!
* More skills become available as you level up! Your fighting potential is limitless!

【Supported Devices】

[Supported OSes] Android 4.3 Devices and up.

Mod Features:

  • Mass Combo Attack Damage
  • Free Shopping (Items)
  • 500k Gold/Gems
  • Speed Hack (300%)
  • Infinite HP

Fortress Legends APK


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