DragonSoul v2.0.1 APK – How to Get Unlimited GOLD

DragonSoul APK

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DragonSoul is truly a high addictive game today with a whooping 5 million download in google play. It means that many people love this game. The features good graphics and the game play is awesome.

Game Description:

Take down your enemies in DragonSoul, a fantasy role-playing game! Brawl with vicious dragons and battle mighty monsters on a furious campaign against Evil. Earn new heroes and collect fantastic loot as you play your way through many game modes: take on other real DragonSoul players, make your way through the chapters of the Campaign, and take on the best of the best in the Boss Pit! Even join a Guild with other players to team up and borrow and lend heroes.

Rescue heroes and win them to your side: Ninja Dwarf, Centaur of Attention, the bro-tastic Brozerker, and more heroes are waiting to join your army!



How to Earn Unlimited Gold Coins? (Please Read)

  1. When your Heroes goes to battle, a 10k gold coins will be automatically  added. This is a fast way to upgrade any of your heroes skills and buy anything in the market that requires gold coins.


How to install?

  1. Download the Patched/Modded DragonSoul Apk.
  2. Install
  3. DONE.


Disclaimer: Important. (Please Read!)

  1. Always Do Backup.
  2. Not all Android devices are supported. This means it may not work in your device.
  3. Some Android Devices have security features that hinders or stopping the Mod, this means the Mod wont work properly.
  4. To Bypass this. check for cleaner or security apps installed and temporarily disable it.


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3 Thoughts to “DragonSoul v2.0.1 APK – How to Get Unlimited GOLD”

  1. Dan Lusteo

    Thanks man.. I got my heroes skills maxed. What about if the game will be updated?

  2. Dan Lusteo

    Admin, will you add new features with this mod? like diamonds perhaps. lol

  3. PiaMy

    Hi Admin! It works fine, I got the gold coins but it lags a bit in every fight. Im using samsung galaxy S2. Is this normal?

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