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DragonSoul Hero – Cyclops Shaman Mega Damage

DragonSoul Cyclops Shaman – This hero is a Support Type Hero and can unleash heavy damage at once to all enemy heroes. The main killer skill is the High Voltage attack, this skill blasts lightning to all enemies that deals huge amount of magic damage every second especially at high level.


Cyclops Shaman Build Tips:

  • When you acquire this hero, it will usually be at 1 star only so it is a good idea if you upgrade it when you can get a chance.
  • Max the level of the HERO. If your current level is 70, max it.
  • Skill Upgrade – Upgrade the primary skill (High Voltage) first and never upgrade the second or third if the primary skill is not yet maxed.
  • Gear – Always max all the gears. This will provide extra magic damage and further improve the armor and life of  your hero.

dragonsoul cyclops shaman

Hero Cons:

  • Low HP
  • Hard to get hero stones

Hero Pros:

  • Fast kill
  • High magic attack damage
  • Awesome Support Type Hero

Deadly Group Build 1:

  • Cyclops Shaman
  • Bardbarian
  • Orc Monk
  • Savage Cutie
  • Ninja Dwarf

Deadly Group Build 2:

  • Cyclops Shaman
  • King Kaiju
  • Orc Monk
  • Skeleton King
  • Hydra


Note: This hero needs HEAL support to maximize the defense and attack damage. The Orc Monk must be always present in the group.






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