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DragonSoul – Golden Genie Lethal Hero Build

DragonSoul Golden Genie

The Golden Genie can end the battle fast & for others it is ridiculously strong. The main killer skill is the Fowl Frontal Assault therefore provides a huge boost to team attack damage. The second skill ” Three Wishes” grants him a new life when his HP runs out. The 3rd skill also summons an angry goat that charges and damages each enemy it touches. Well the 4th skill is a must upgrade skill. This is because it increases his attack damage & skill power that makes the primary skill so lethal.

This hero will not fit good with “attack allies” because of the low HP/defense. It needs an ally that will grant him shield & life.

Golden Genie Skill Build: Must be at level 70 or above.

  1. Max the Primary Skill
  2. Max the Fourth Skill
  3. Max the Third Skill
  4. Max the Secondary Skill

The Cons:

  • Due to high attack damage, the Golden Genie is easy to kill even at high level or max upgrade.
  • Low Defense

The Pros:

  • High attack damage.
  • Can end the Expedition fast.

Team Build #1 – Team Tankers/Support/Control:

A good team build can fix the low defense & can make the Golden Genie hard to kill. With proper Heroes, it will protect the genie.

Team Build 1:

  • Orc Monk – Heal + Defense
  • Skeleton King – Heal + Attack
  • Medusa – Support + skill “Heart of Stones”. This will turn all enemies into stone for a few seconds. This will give allies a time to finish all enemies.
  • Bardbarian – Buffs all allies with high movement and attack speed.
  • Golden Genie – The finisher.

Team Build 2:

  • Dark Horse – Grants all allies a Health Shield.
  • Bardbarian – Buffs high movement & attack speed.
  • Crimson Witch – Buffs all allies with high attack damge + Haste skill that also grants all with extra agility.
  • Unicorgi – High attack Damage + Health.
  • Golden Genie – The finisher.

There are plenty of team build for this hero, you just try to experiment to figure out which heroes fits the team. Please keep in mind that to build a good hero, you must upgrade the items and max the skills of every hero.

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