Elune Saga APK v1.3.2

Elune Saga APK

Elune Saga APK v1.3.2 Embark on a new adventure in Elune Saga Season 2!Journey through the world of Astoria and battle against mythical creatures to become a legendary Soul Master! Form the ultimate team with mysterious souls and powerful heroes! Elune Saga : Miracle of Elune! Season 2 Update – Max level cap increased! Lv.50 ▶ Lv.60. – Brand New Hero: Toto the Dark Summoner. – New worlds unlocked in the Adventure Mode. – Platinum Souls introduced. – Increase the battle speed! x2 ▶ x3 FEATURES – Form the ultimate…

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Fantasy War Tactics APK v0.526

Fantasy War Tactics APK

Fantasy War Tactics APK v0.526 “Very engaging, full of depth and polish” – MMOs.com “Strategy game fans will enjoy Fantasy War Tactics” – 148 Apps.com Fantasy War Tactics is a turn based tactical role-playing game in which you start as a powerful wizard. Your goal is to conquer the world but you realize that there’s already an enemy force with the same objective. You have to stop world dominations from your foes before you can conquer the world! Start your journey now! FEATURES – Story: An immersive story awaits that…

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Pocket MapleStory APK v1.0.3

Pocket MapleStory APK

Pocket MapleStory APK v1.0.3 ▣ A new character ‘Kaiser’ has been added!- Kaiser is a powerful melee warrior with two-handed swords as his weapon, and can use long-ranged skills to vanquish enemies that stand in his journey to retrieve the Novan relic… ▣ Mu Lung Dojo, the place where you will experience unlimited real-time boss battles! New tactics are needed every time you ascend to the next floor! Test out your very own skills and prove everyone that you’re the strongest of the Maple World! ▣ Battle ferocious monsters and…

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Taichi Panda APK v2.9

Taichi Panda APK

Taichi Panda APK v2.9 Here comes the Avzar’s holiday season with all new game features and events in Taichi Panda – the Holiday Update! Enter a Panda Winter Wonderland with new Christmas town skin and get in the holiday spirit with Christmas-themed Outfits! Become a legendary Taichi Warrior in the top RPG for mobile. Become a true hero in an epic fun-filled MMO with Taichi Panda! Touch Arcade – “A stand-out in RPG genre!” App Advice – “An intense and fast-paced dungeon crawler!” 148 Apps – “Make this the Year…

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Battle Camp APK v3.2.10

Battle Camp APK

Battle Camp APK v3.2.10 EXPERIENCE THE AWESOME! Dare to clash with rampaging dragons and fire-belching warthogs? Then join Battle Camp, a persistent virtual world filled with legendary monsters and ancient evils. To survive, train a fierce monster team and form a Troop with fellow Rangers. Then work together to crush raid bosses, wage Troop Wars and dominate in real-time PvP. FEATURES ✔ Monster battling Puzzle MMO. ✔ Explore a LIVE Virtual World. ✔ Form a Troop with friends and other players. ✔ Crush the opposition in Troop Wars. ✔ Coordinate…

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