Download Weed Rasta Keyboard 1.2 APK

Weed Rasta Keyboard 1.2

Description Install instructions: 1. Install Weed Rasta Keyboard 2. if you don’t have Go Keyboard, follow the guide and install and activate Go Keyboard. 3. Open Weed Rasta Keyboard app. 4. Click apply theme button and you’ll be redirected to the theme application screen. 5. Click the keyboard preview image. 6. Congratulations, you have installed and activated Weed Rasta Keyboard If you enjoy the app, please share it with your friends and leave a review. We appreciate your feedback. Screenshot Developer : We Create Apps Published : March 31, 2016…

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Download Rasta Weed Clock Widget 2.0 APK

Rasta Weed Clock Widget 2.0

Description Wake and bake! It is high time you got “Rasta Weed Clock Widget” – color your phone or tablet in rasta colors and be in a good mood at all times! Why should you settle for a regular “analog clock”, when this “free clock widget” offers so much more?! Splash some rasta colors across your phone or tablet and don’t worry, be happy at all times! “Get high” on this “weed clock” – swipe through the weed pictures, clock hands and digits and create a unique “weed widget”! See…

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Download Falling Weed Keyboard Theme 1.4 APK

Falling Weed Keyboard Theme 1.4

Description Add color to your life with Falling Weed theme. It could be extremely fantastic if you can use the same theme for both keyboard and wallpaper. With Falling Weed Keyboard Theme, you will be able to change the color or the picture of your keyboard to be a Falling Weed style, and at the same time you can change the theme of your wallpaper to align with that of keyboard.Your phone and gadget will be dressed up keyboard and wallpaper with the latest outfit and the Falling Weed Keyboard…

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Download Weed Joint Battery Widget LIVE 1.16 APK

Weed Joint Battery Widget LIVE 1.16

Description Awesome Weed Joint Battery Widget for your Android Device.Enjoy the amazing Smoke Sound and see the Battery Status in Percent when you touch on the Weed Joint on your Homescreen. If you like Weed Joints, the Weed Joint Battery Widget is the perfect choice to customize your Smartphone. Easy controll your battery health with touching on the widget. Features: – Joints gets smaller and smaller always if your battery status gets lower – Easy resize it with a long touch on the widget – Always up to date, even…

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Download Weed Live Wallpaper 1.0 APK

Weed Live Wallpaper 1.0

Description Get high on Weed Live Wallpaper inspired by the magical “weed leaf” and cool marijuana smoke that can make wonders on your phone or tablet screen. Aunt Mary brings you new luscious marijuana leaves, so don’t worry and be happy with our weed leaf wallpaper. You do not have to “smoke weed” to feel the positive effects of the cannabis plant – keep calm get this marijuana live wallpaper that can allow you to faze at the lovely green leaves floating across your smartphone. One of the best HD…

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