Download Islamic Tools 0.59 APK

Islamic Tools 0.59

Description (sorry for my bad english)This program included several tools for Muslim: -Schedule of Prayer (9600 Cities + GPS) -Monthly Calendar of prayer times -Qibla Locator with compass -Random Hadith quotation on the screen -Quran in Arabic, French / English, Phonetics -Tafsir of Surahs -Quran recitation -Choice of famous reciters -Downloading of Surahs -99 Names of Allah -Several books: 40 Hadiths Anawawi, Sahih Muslim, Friday Sermons -Muslim Holiday Calendar -Widget: Prayer Times & display a random Hadith quotation -Notification call to prayer -Moon phases Wallpaper -Changing themes (only background color…

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HTC Transfer Tool 6.0.867541 APK

HTC Transfer Tool 6.0.867541

Description Install HTC Transfer Tool on an old phone to wirelessly move content to your new HTC phone. This simple tool uses Wi-Fi Direct to transfer your important data, like messages and photos, so it’s never been faster to effortlessly upgrade your phone. You can transfer the following and so much more: – Mail- Calendars – Messages – Contacts and call history – Photos and videos – Music – Wallpapers – Documents – Settings Minimum requirements: – Old phone: Android 2.3 Gingerbread or above. Not limited to HTC phones. –…

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Download Volume Booster Pro 3.0 APK

Volume Booster Pro 3.0

Description Volume Booster Pro is a totally new and professional volume control app and sound booster. You can easily boost all your phone sounds to a maximum value. You will never feel trouble to load alarm clock, loud ringtones or louder music volume.Volume Booster for Android is also a dream volume control tool, after you use the “max” mode of the Speaker Booster, you can easily return to the original volume status by clicking the “normal” mode. And when you are on meeting, in the library, going to bed or…

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Margonem Mini APK + MOD

Margonem Mini APK

Margonem Mini APK + MOD Margonem Mini – the world of Polish MMORPG on your phone! Play your characters from the game or create a new and embark on the greatest adventure of fantasy! Choose one of six professions. Fight in dozens of locations with hundreds of monsters, earn thousands of items. Continue your adventure in your browser! FEATURES ● Create a new character or play your character with Margonem ● Fight in one of the dozens of locations ● Defeat the Elite opponents ● Get thousands of unique items…

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Download Medical Tools 1.5.0 APK

Medical Tools 1.5.0

Description Medical calculators and medical tools such as test interpretation and scoring systems categorized by specialty such as pulmonary, critical care, cardiology, neurology, and oncology. Included: ABG interpreter- triple acid base (including anion gap), PaO2/FiO2 ratio Aa-gradient calculator APACHE 2 Score BODE index calculation PORT score (pneumonia severity index / PSI) CURB65 CORB SMARTCOP tidal volume calculations by ideal body weight TNM staging for lung cancer Oxygen content and O2 extraction calculations. Wells score for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) serum and urine osmolarity free water clearance…

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