Hide Pictures & Videos – FotoX APK v1.5

Hide Pictures Videos FotoX APK

Welcome to the ultimate privacy app on Google Play: the FotoX – Hide Pictures & Videos Never get caught off guard with sensitive material on your phone. Hide and protect your private Photos and Videos in private Gallery and securely backup your data in the Cloud. Share private data among multiple devices. Use Fake Crash dialog to mimic application error. Take control and keep your private stuff really private with FotoX. Main Features: ★ Hide Pictures, photos and Videos. ★ Private Gallery: Store your private pictures, photos and videos in…

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TomTom GO Navigation GPS Traffic APK v.1.8.1 Patched

TomTom GO Navigation GPS Traffic APK

TomTom GO Navigation GPS Traffic APK v.1.8.1 Patched The new app TomTom GO Mobile is a brilliant combination of the latest technology of TomTom car navigation and better traffic information. With it you will always get the best available route based on traffic information in real time requires that takes you to your destination faster, each day. Features  Always know the fastest route: TomTom Traffic takes faster to their fate Traffic information in real time: See exactly where to begin and end the deductions, and how to avoid them Quick…

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Captain Cowboy APK v1.0.3 – Full Game Unlock

Captain Cowboy APK

– Explore a huge handcrafted world – Get lost in your quests for diamonds – Get back on track with the handy automap – Find the mysterious exit warp room – Cross paths with friendly Snorkhogs and dangerous Gnurfs! – Create avalanches of falling rocks in front of motion sensitive laser turrets – Explore the underwater caverns with quite impressive water physics – Visit the secret space station Discotek – Simulated 8 bit char based videochip using 1008 volumetric parallaxed tiles on screen and a quirky CRT-shader All in this…

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In Between APK v1.1 Full Unlock MOD

In Between APK

In Between is an atmospheric, award-winning platformer where you solve mind-bending puzzles by manipulating your surroundings and gravity itself. 60 challenging levels In Between is set inside the mind of a man hit by a cruel twist of fate. Together you are on a journey through the protagonist’s head, a world that doesn’t obey the laws of physics. Free your mind and defy gravity in more than 60 compelling and unique puzzles, requiring all your wits and agility. Gamplay changing stages As you follow the protagonist stumbling through the stages…

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The Mission Sniper APK Unlimited Money MOD

The Mission Sniper APK

AIM and SHOOT! Get yourself a weapon and kill them all. The Mission Sniper is the latest evolution to sniper games. It’s a tough job and don’t take it lightly. Shooting on the wing was originally thought impossible or perhaps more to the point. Only you, the most elite Mission Sniper shooter in the squad, can pull off the high-skill head-shots. Put an end to enemies and their villainous terrorist games, and liberate the world from the most ruthless killers in the world. Ultra REALISTIC graphics which has exquisite game…

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