Holy Knight EN APK Hack v1.0.800 – Mega MOD (Exclusive)

Holy Knight EN APK

Download Holy Knight EN APK v1.0.800 – Mega MOD (Exclusive) What new in this version: New Features: 1. Epic Weapon: Epic Weapon shows up after hundreds of years! Obtain and foster your own Epic Weapon, time to show your power! 2. Bounty Hunter: Hunt the most dangerous Boss and get the richest bounty.Are you ready for hunt? 3. Warehouse: More free rooms for your trophies! 4. Dimension Door: New dimension is opened! New dungeon for Gold, EXP, Gems and materials! 5. Pal Remould: Basic attributes can be remoulded to foster…

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SD Maid Pro – System Cleaning Tool v3.1.4.8 APK

SD Maid

SD Maid Pro SD Maid – System cleaning tool is a free app for the Android by darken which will clean and can regain precious memory of your Android phone. SD Maid is intended for rooted devices which is an app that can tidy up your Android device with a list of tools that can help your Android function better and faster. The app is simple enough to use and can also optimize and shrink bloated databases to speed up access and free up space. Features  Explorer is a full…

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Battle Monsters APK + MOD

Battle Monsters APK

Battle Monsters Battle Monsters is a legendary Monster RPG!COLLECT! • Hundreds of magical monsters await for you to collect!BATTLE! • Lead your monster squad into battle against other players and powerful Bosses.UPGRADE! • Enhance your favorite monsters or combine them to spawn powerful new breeds to take into battle!TEAM UP! • Join a Clan or create your own to team up and defeat powerful enemies together!   What’s new: – NEW Monsters! Over 20 Monsters Added! Over 200 Monsters Total! – NEW Hunting Grounds and Bonuses! – Players, we hear…

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Panzer Waltz Apk + MOD

Panzer Waltz

Panzer Waltz Apk ★We’re working on fixing the Android 4.0+ bug ^_^ Apologies for the inconvenience! Please visit our Facebook for more info~★Set in a world at war with experimentation gone awry, humanity must fight against what they had created! Discover the story behind the madness as you set off to defend your fellow compatriots. Their future is in your hands! Join Zoe and friends as you discover the reasons behind the appearance of mysterious antagonists and set the world right! Network connection required FEATURES ★「Epic Ever-Evolving Stories」★ In a world…

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Margonem Mini APK + MOD

Margonem Mini APK

Margonem Mini APK + MOD Margonem Mini – the world of Polish MMORPG on your phone! Play your characters from the game or create a new and embark on the greatest adventure of fantasy! Choose one of six professions. Fight in dozens of locations with hundreds of monsters, earn thousands of items. Continue your adventure in your browser! FEATURES ● Create a new character or play your character with Margonem ● Fight in one of the dozens of locations ● Defeat the Elite opponents ● Get thousands of unique items…

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