Download Ram Booster Speed Pro Cleaner 1.0 APK MOD

Ram Booster Speed Pro Cleaner 1.0

Description The Best Prozesse Apparent Ram Booster Speed Pro Cleaner Professional can be a FREE application that enables you enhance your Android’s speed, cleanse junk, release storage and not-install root malicious programs to optimize your device, enhance your security therefore making you the clean master from the mobile domain. Having its fantastically designed interface in the lightweight package that won’t clog your phone’s memory And auto clean ram Processor chips, the whole-featured phone booster and satisfaction Processor optimizer also enables you apparent cache files, remove undesirable mobile call or SMS…

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Forge of Empires Apk Mod v1.60.0 Apk (OBB + Data)

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires Apk – Come and play Forge of Empires! Take control over a city and become the leader of an aspiring kingdom. Guide it through the ages, research new technologies, expand your empire and live through an epic story. Battle other players and prove your skills as king and warlord. Forge of Empires Apk FEATURES: – Build your city and evolve from the Stone Age to modern times (and beyond). – Develop new technologies and discover new buildings and goods – Produce supplies to manufacture goods – Exchange…

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Download SCleaner Pro 2.1.08 APK

SCleaner Pro 2.1.08

Description TRIAL версия на 14 дней Для правильной работы в режиме Суперпользователя необходимо наличие установленного BusyBox! Эта программа поможет Вам найти лишние данные на Вашем устройстве. Что программе считать “лишними данными” – определяете только Вы. Основные отличия от других программ такого рода: – полная настройка того, что нужно искать; – поиск и удаление данных – отдельные задачи (Вы можете пользоваться только поиском и ничего не удалять, чтобы просто быть в курсе того, что творится на Вашем устройтве); – возможность просматривать все найденные данные в удобном для Вас виде (программа может…

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Download Simplelocker Cleaner 1.1.0 APK

Simplelocker Cleaner 1.1.0

Description Why should I care about the Simplelocker virus? Simplelocker is a virus that can lock your device and then encrypt the files stored on your phone, including photos, videos and documents. It then demands a ransom fee before your files can be decrypted and used again. Once infected, your phone and the files in it will be completely unusable, and removal is quite difficult. How does CM Simplelocker Cleaner work? CM Simplelocker Cleaner performs a full scan of your device, and if the CryptoLocker virus is found, it uses…

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Download Secure Wipe 1.09 APK

Secure Wipe 1.09

Description No root required. Free and contains no Adware. Does not connect to the internet.In our continued effort to make this work with KitKat, we have had mixed results. So, if you are running KitKat, it may or may not work for you until I get time to investigate the issues with some phones. But, it’s a free app with no ads and works for most people. Please provide feedback to the developer rather than giving a low rating so that I can fix whatever is wrong. Also feel free…

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